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Mar 6, 2019

Listen as Blake interviews Seth Streeter, Co-founder and CEO of Mission Wealth, a successful wealth management firm based in Santa Barbara, California. Seth speaks differently than most financial advisors, encouraging his clients to think beyond the balance sheet and make financial decisions with their life purpose in mind. Together, they unwrap the shifting “American Dream,” the “Ten Dimensions of Wealth,” and what it means to truly find success.

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  • Introduction [00:47]
  • Interview with Seth Streeter [06:58]
  • The Ten Dimensions of Wealth [08:43]
  • The shifting “American Dream” [11:42]
  • Seth’s work and the 3.0 vision [15:04]
  • “The Big Leap” [19:10]
  • The Impact and Fun Dimensions of Wealth [28:32]
    • Making the most of your 3.0 vision [32:45]
    • A generational shift [41:18]
    • The old way vs. the new way [47:59]
  • Closing remarks [50:38]
  • Credits [52:35] 

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