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Dec 21, 2018

The Wellness Revolutionaries podcast interviews the inspiring men and women who are building a culture of wellness in America. In this inaugural episode, host Blake Beltram, who is a co-founder and evangelist at MINDBODY, interviews Alessandro Giannetti, a healer and the founder of Guided Light Healing. Beltram and Giannetti set the stage for this podcast series by explaining the seven dimensions of wellness, which include the physical, spiritual, occupational, environmental, emotional, intellectual, and social dimensions.

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  • Intro to The Wellness Revolutionaries podcast [00:55]
  • Interview with Alessandro Giannetti [09:31]
  • The Physical Dimension [13:49]
  • The Spiritual Dimension [15:58]
  • The Occupational Dimension [21:00]
  • The Environmental Dimension [24:55] 
  • The Emotional Dimension [28:13] 
  • The Intellectual Dimension [36:22]
  • The Social Dimension [38:28]
  • Closing Statements [42:07]
  • Credits [45:48]

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